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SHARANYA: The Maa Batakali Cultural Mission, Inc.

Swagatam! Welcome...

SHARANYA is a federally-recognized Devi Mandir (Goddess Temple) and non-profit organization whose work is spiritual service in and for the world. We are dedicated to the bridging of East and West through (r)evolutionary, embodied spirituality, sadhana (spiritual practice), and worship of the Goddess in Her myriad forms. We especially honor Kali Maa, our beloved Dark Mother, as a change agent for our times, recognizing that She resides both inside and outside everyday awareness...helping to transform and heal individuals, communities, and the planet. Read our mission and vision here to learn more about what we believe possible and how we seek to engage the Great Mystery.

At SHARANYA, we honor the potential of the human heart and the force of spirituality as catalysts for change throughout all spheres of life. Ours is an ecofeminist vision that validates the sacred union, a hieros unios of Sacerd Male and Sacred Female in the dance of life and consciousness, and in the creation of peace. In our community, we share devotion to Devi--the Mother Worship of our spiritual ancestors in India--with all who are ready to surrender their egos, open their hearts, free their minds, and liberate their spirits through Her grace.

Our service includes offerings to help facilitate connection to our heart's yearning through sadhana, ritual, learning, and devotion. We invite you to explore our website and deepen your knowledge of our community and tradition. Come experience SHARANYA first-hand! Join us for puja (worship), community workshops, lectures, and other regular forms of devotion, education, spiritual service, and engagement with the Divine. Jai Maa!

In addition to these efforts, SHARANYA also offers myriad direct services to community in the Bay Area. Our service includes spiritual guidance, spiritual celebrations, rites of passage, and life-event ceremonies that allow one to go beyond traditional forms of worship. Let us know how we can help create a unique interfaith and/or multi-cultural wedding ceremony or other important ritual for you. All together, our community engagement efforts are intended to help catalyze initiatory spiritual experiences as well as celebrate them.

As you join with us in Her name, know that all proceeds from classes, merchandise and donations go to our nonprofit operations. Help us create a public Goddess temple and community space in the San Francisco Bay Area and learn more about our engaged spirituality efforts in India.

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If you would like to keep up to date on our public events, private workshops, guest teachers (such as Amarananda Bhairavan, author of Kali's Odiyya, or the Baul Babukishan Das, renowned minstral), and online classes, please subscribe to our newsletter. Sign up and receive monthly mantras, updates on public rituals, workshops, events, special puja notices, and other goodies!

Upcoming Events

9/28 - Community Puja (CIF, San Francisco) $11-21* (5:30pm)

9/28 - Daughters of Kali » - First Meeting of the 2008-2009 Circle (12:30pm)

See the full calendar, including holy days! »

10/25 - SHARANYA's 5th Annual Kali Puja Festival: Click here for info...Reserve your place now! »

See photos of our last Kali Puja Festival »

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* Donation listed is suggested sliding scale, and helps cover space rental as well as ceremony costs (flowers, food, other items). Larger or smaller donations gladly accepted, all donations are tax-deductible. No one turned away for lack of funds!

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