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SHARANYA in Action

Our work encourages engagement in the problems of today because we believe that individual contributions to culture and society matter and are necessary in order to make our world a more harmonious and overall better place to live.

Our programs are the manifestation of a belief in doing the work of spirituality within Creation. This is at the core of our organization, deriving from the word SHARANYA itself. Our service offerings are small but consistent in the US and abroad, from making educational speaking engagements, to writing articles for dissemenation in public journals, to contributions of reading material and school supplies, to volunteer efforts, to our participation in the work of various dedicated nonprofits throughout eastern India (Assam, West Bengal and Orissa), including The Maa Batakali Cultural Mission in Puri (Orissa). With all this, we appreciate your support!

"Sharanya" is a Sanskrit word that means refuge and above all, sanctuary; a sentiment that fully expresses our desire to foster the embrace of the divine where it is most needed - in practical terms.

In India...

With contributions of time, energy and materials, SHARANYA has been able to help support the work of a variety of non-governmental organizations in India, reaching as many people as we can in our own small way. For example, we have been able to regularly send school supplies to the AdyaPeath Ashram and School for children in Kolkata (Calcutta), West Bengal in support of their educational and health-related endeavors. We directly touch the lives of roughly 25 boys and girls each year, making an impact with books, art supplies and volunteer classes whenever we can.

We have further been part of the ongoing work of both Women's Sahayog (a women's legal advocacy group) and the Dialogue Society (committed to inter- and trans-religious community building), both of which are in Kolkata. These organizations have hosted events for continued exploration of the ways in which women are maligned in Indian society, the relevance of Goddess worship to assist women's empowerment (our founder spoke at this event in 2004), and the importance of women's roles in government.

Finally, in addition to past projects working to promote women's right livelihood in West Bengal, we are currently committed to an ongoing project to translate scripture related to goddess worship from Sanskrit and print educational materials for impoverished and abused women in Assam, India.

Please consider making a donation to our work, for the ongoing growth of community, our services here in the Bay Area and commitment to creation of a Goddess Temple, our online teaching project, or for support of our work during pilgrimage to India. Every dollar makes a difference! Even a small contribution goes a long way, and all donations are tax-deductible.

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