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Articles & Inspiration

Our community is full of scholars, ritualists, writers, researchers, artists, poets and lovers of the divine. We present here an ever-growing collection of their work and ideas. All content here is published with permission from the original authors. Please do not re-post without permission.

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Awakening Devi Through Western Hearts: New Rituals and Ancient Practice (Kali Puja for the West)
Note: This article outlines how to properly perform Kali Puja for the Western seeker.
by Chandra Alexandre, PhD

Chamunda-Devi: An Eastern Teacher to the West
by Chandra Alexandre, PhD

Devi: Some Tales of the Great Goddess
by Chandra Alexandre, PhD

The Eight-Pointed Rosette Star of Inanna: Some Numerological Significances
by Chandra Alexandre, PhD

Feminism, Spirituality and Kālī: Western Witchcraft, Śākta Tantra and the Quest for the Feminine Embodiment of the Divine
by Erin Johansen

The Great Leap of Faith: An Initiation Into Womanhood
by Delphyne Jodie Platner, PhD, MFT

Looking Positively at Menstruation: Empowering Women and Girls
by Chandra Alexandre, PhD

What Is a Witch, Anyway?
by Erin Johansen and Chandra Alexandre, PhD

Sara-la-Kali: Sister to Kali Maa
by Chandra Alexandre, PhD

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