Benefits of Plasma Cutting

While many companies in the metal cutting industry use oxyfuel technology, plasma cutting is gaining popularity by the day. This technology comes with various advantages, one of them being the universal application.

As the industry develops, users prefer faster and high-quality methods of metal cutting. With plasma cutting, users are able to cut different types of metal whether it is rusty, dirty, or painted. Besides, the technology can work in metals with various thicknesses between 35mm and 2mm. Another benefit of using plasma technology is its ability to use electricity or compressed air. There is no need for bottled gas or a gas cylinder. With that in mind, you realize that plasma technology offers more cost effective solutions. You could get more information about plasma technology from Cuts Like Butter—a website that provides plasma cutting reviews. Benefits of using plasma technology include:

It provides a higher cutting speed: most metals used today are about 25mm thick, which requires a faster cutting speed. Plasma works the best in such conditions because it is able to adjust well to various thicknesses.

It offers a higher piercing speed: When it comes to metal cutting, the ability of a machine to pierce inside a metal is essential. Some machines take 30 seconds or more to pierce a metal that is 15mm thick. With plasma cutting, you could work on the same metal with a faster speed.

Cut quality

Speed without quality does not make sense. When considering your options, you must know whether the cut quality will be preferable. Choose a machine that leaves no dross and even when produced, it should be easy to remove. Once you choose the technology, considered the add-on features as well. In the end, you are looking at what could make your work easier compared to the conventional ways of metal cutting.

Plasma technology delivers high-quality cuts with less heat. Regardless of your industry, the goal is to provide laser cuts that are applicable in many sectors. When you decide to use a technology for cutting, it is advisable to gather as much information about it as possible. Read reviews and buyer guides from reputable websites to come out with adequate information on your product.

On the part of the users, it is advisable to observe safety regulations while working with plasma. For example, make sure you have your safety boots and goggles on, in addition to your work apparel.

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