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Guided Pilgrimage to India

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Class Descriptions

Below is detailed information on all of the classes we offer at SHARANYA. Please refer to the Calendar of Events for specific dates.

For more information on our year-long introductory apprenticeship program, please see the Daughters of Kali page.

Working with Kali: Ritual Practices of Sha'can and the Shakta Tantra

Gain an understanding of Kali and other fierce goddesses, powerful and often mis-represented, through ritual, myth, historical perspective, lecture, readings and group discussion. If you're able to join us in person, the eight-session introductory course will culminate in a two-hour puja that participants co-create from their personal as well as recently-learned Sha'can perspectives.

Let this course be your own mythic journey into and out of the underworld...let the Goddess of the Crossroads take your hand and guide you into an unfolding awareness of your Self as seen through Her eyes. Classes require reading and participation to enhance the experience. Come ready to engage the mysteries.

Series usually begin in October at the height of puja season; or individual classes can be called if there is sufficient interest. Join us in San Francisco at The Sanctuary for a memorable experience. All classes are two hours every-other week. You may attend on an individual-class basis if you like. The sliding scale, tax-deductible cost for each class is $18-$28, or register for the entire series for $140 - $220. Please pay what you can, and remember, all donations are tax-deductible and benefit the on-going work of SHARANYA.

Class One: Introduction to Kali, Personal Stories
Meditation, philosophical and his/herstorical perspectives, individual voice

Class Two: Myth, Ritual and Symbols of the Goddess
Kali's stories, guardianship, worship and rites

Class Three: Kali In-situ and the Sha-can Perspective
How do we honor the roots of tradition and worship from our heart-felt resonance with Kali?

Class Four: Personal Worship and Living the Practice
Entering into the embrace of the Goddess; walking in Her path

Class Five: Prayers to Kali, Creating Sacred Space
How do we honor the Dark Goddess? Sanskrit mantra and yantra

Class Six: Deepening the Ritual
Making the macrocosmic a microcosmic experience of inter-relation

Class Seven: Introspection and Preparation
Bringing together ideas and creating a ceremony

Class Eight: Puja
Bring your creative spirit, your voice, your instruments and the love of the Goddess in your heart!

Two hours, twice a month.
Cost: $18-28 (sliding scale), or $140-220 (inclusive) Location: SHARANYA Sanctuary

Basic Kali Worship - Kali Puja 101
Offered two or three times per year. Learn the basic structure of Kali Puja for use at home. 6 hour workshop.

Introduction to the Sha'can Tradition
Basic ritual structure; forming and sustaining a personal practice; basic introduction to Maa. 4 hour workshop.

Meeting Maa in the Middle
This workshop focuses on bringing Maa into your tradition, wherever you are; special topics could include Catholicism ("From Mary to Maa"), Wicca, etc. May be offered as part of the introductory course upon request or with interest from participants.

Tools for Transformation Series (3 classes):

  • The Shamanic Path of Awareness - Concepts of incarnation, personal responsibility and liberation; exercises such as recapitulation, stalking awareness, dreaming, black sun grounding, gratitude.

  • The Power of the Witch's Craft - Casting a circle; spellwork; holding responsibility and integrity.

  • Tantrik Awakening - Pranayama (centering, grounding); Bhakti (surrender through devotion); Kundalini (moving toward awakening)

  • The Path of the Yoni: Tantrik Tools for Acceptance and Empowerment This is a women-only class where we discuss, celebrate and explore reverence for women's sexuality; viewing our bodies in a healthy way; the tantrick traditions of Kamakhya; and together dispel myths about "tantric sex".

    Gods and Goddesses of India Series (3-4 classes)

  • Goddesses of India - An introduction to the most commonly seen goddesses in India; Durga, Parvati, Kali, Lakshmi, Sarasvati, Lalita

  • Gods of India - An introduction to the most commonly seen gods of India; Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma, Ganesha, Krishna, Rama, Agni

  • Goddesses of Tantra - An introduction to the Dasa Mahavidya

  • Fierce Mothers: Tantrik Goddesses of Self-sacrifice
    Camunda, Chinnamasta, etc. The path to embracing feminine power and self-acceptance.

    Witchcraft Series

    WITCHCRAFT 1 is designed to give you a solid introduction to the world of Witchcraft through a combination of instruction and hands-on, experiential learning. You will learn how to create your own effective rituals from the very first class.

    Lesson 1: What it means to be a "witch," a brief history of witchcraft, the elements of ritual.
    Lesson 2: The Wheel of the Year, the Five Directions, Tools of the Craft, Casting a Circle.
    Lesson 3: Energy work, Partner exercises. Includes a lesson on spoonbending!
    Lesson 4: Spells, talismans & amulets. Co-created Mabon ritual.

    WITCHCRAFT 2 builds on the knowledge and experience gained from the first class, but may be taken separately by those already familiar with the basics of witchcraft. This is still a basic course, but provides more in-depth wisdom and experience with spellwork, shielding, cleansing, and other important tools for every witch to master. We will focus on the elements as a means of mastering important tools and harnessing personal power.

    Lesson 1 (AIR): In-depth energy work, using imagination & meditation in magic, magical shielding
    Lesson 2 (FIRE): In-depth spellcrafting, candle & fire magic
    Lesson 3 (WATER): Personal spiritual maintenance, cleansing ritual, the power of brooms, making moon water
    Lesson 4 (EARTH): Staying grounded, Co-created Full Moon Ritual

    No drop-ins. Tuition fees are non-refundable. Class fees will go toward materials, the instructor's time and energy, and a substantial portion will go directly to SHARANYA for establishing a new Goddess Temple space in San Francisco, thereby going back into our community.

    Two hours per week
    Classes limited to 10
    Cost: $60 for each series. Register for both at once and pay $110 (save $10!)
    Location: TBD

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