Choose the Right Kitchen Sink in Respect to Design and Functionality

Kitchen sink is most used cleaning and prep area, but how much do you know about kitchen sinks? Which materials is stain or scratch resistant? Which options are favorable, single or double sink ones? What thickness bowl to select?

Kitchen sinks have evolved significantly including materials, colors, bowl configuration and more. Pimp my Sink is a website, where you will find valuable sink information and reviews.

If you are replacing sink or remodeling complete kitchen the first thing is to understand your preferences and needs clearly.

Basic factors

  • Type of installation
  • What size and configuration you need?
  • What sink material you prefer?

Basic consideration allows narrowing the list of available choices.

Type of installation

  • Undermount
  • Self-rimming or drop-in
  • Flush mount

Undermount sinks get support from cabinet structure underneath or hangs from underside of countertop. Food particles can be wiped directly without getting trapped in the sink’s edge. Heavy undermount sinks made form stone or cast iron need well-designed mounting system.

Drop-in or self-rimming sinks are smoothly positioned in an appropriate cut made in the countertop. Support is attained from sink flanges that partly cover the cutout. The edge of the sink that meets the countertop acts as a barrier and traps liquids or food crumbs.

Flush mount sinks resemble drop-in versions. The tile installed flush with mounting edge of sink offering a flush surface to the countertop.

Size and configuration

The sink size means dimension and configuration defines its design like square or rounded corners, number of bowls, number of tap holes and more. Selecting one that suits your lifestyle and space is important.

Common sink materials

  • Stainless steel – Look appealing, is durable, available in polished finishes, and scratch resistant.
  • Cast iron – Heavy but durable material available in porcelain enamel finish.
  • Fireclay – Ceramic is stronger, durable, and available in glossy/matte finish.
  • Acrylic – Easy to maintain, stain resistant, reinforced with fiberglass, and very economical.

Other aspects to consider

  • Kitchen size will dictate sink size selection. General rule is to select single bowl sink for small kitchen and double/triple bowl for large kitchen.
  • Plan out your sink accessories and faucet needs, in advance.
  • Determine how you use sink on daily basis, so to determine the configuration that work the best. For example, if the dishes are hand washed often then you need to select a double bowl.
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