Conditions That Every Twitter Bot Must Meet

Automation has picked an amazing pace and almost every person, and companies are seeking it in an effort to boost their activity on Twitter. However, in the course of the process, there are rules which you may end up breaking, and these lead to severe consequences apart from the closure of accounts. Here are conditions that must be followed when the choice for automation is taken.

    1. The information that is being broadcasted must be constructive

From time there has been the spread of information that breaks both the moral standards of the society and also violates the set rules by authorities. However, this is punishable by law, and the data should only be tailored to improve the society. Always ensure that you review a bot before you apply it on your twitter account. You can check a review of tweepi at and know what makes a good bot.

    1. Thoroughly investigate the third party before assigning the account

The platform holds the owner of the account personally responsible for any activity that goes on their page. It, therefore, calls for the careful evaluation of the automation tool being chosen to ensure that there are no loopholes that may lead to compromising of the information on the page. If the party goes on to violate any of the set usage rules, it is you who is charged with the offense.

    1. The tool should not send unnecessary messages to users

A user may be only interested in being what is on your page and commenting where they find the need to do so.  The bot should reply on the page and not directly as personal messages to the users. Therefore ensure that it does not have this feature as it is termed a violation of privacy for the followers.

    1. The bot does not duplicate accounts

The platform explicitly states that the user should not automate more than one account for the purpose of similar use case. However, it allows the automation of many accounts which are related

    1. It must mark the account if the information is sensitive

There some info that is allowed to be posted on the social platform. However, they must label the accounts as being in possession of information that is potentially sensitive to ensure the viewers do it at their discretion. The purpose of this is to ensure users do not view information that is against their morals and standards.

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