Everything That You Should Know About Motorcycle Safety Gear

Motorcycle safety gear is the best apparel, which keeps you cool during the utmost hot, warm when it’s too cold, dry when it’s too wet and alive in any crash.

There are few important biker’s basics that you should be aware of. If you are wearing a waterproof suit, waterproof boots, and waterproof gloves during the rain, you’ll not get wet.

However, before you turn to Bikers Basics, it’s important to know that motorcycle gear is quite expensive and fundamentally imperative for act of bike riding as motorcycle itself, therefore you’re required to factor its charges into its overall budget.

If suppose, you get $6000 for a new bike, you should expect spending about $1,300 to $ 1,800 on motorcycle safety gear. Over the time, financial burden will decline as you get new items separately.

You are unlikely to appreciate your two-wheeler unless you wear a safety gear. The act of riding motorcycle without gear is so bad that it demonstrates a lack of complete comprehension about what it is like to spend lifetime on two wheelers. This is applicable to every type of bike.

Motorcycle Safety Gear

  • Helmets

It is the most imperative, safe and legal item of gear, which is also the easiest one. A safety helmet is a Styrofoam attached into a shell with a hole in your front for seeing. The glued shell is basically made from flexible yet strong material such as plastic, which is capable of preventing penetration, absorb some of energy impact.

It has been shown by independent studies that cheap helmets are as safe as the most expensive ones. For checking if the helmet is of right size or not  put it around your head and try moving it around with your bare hands while you are holding head in still position.

If the helmet is not rotating, it is of right size. Only few are bothered to quantify various differences in shape of a person’s head and size, therefore you’ll need to spend time in trying a bunch of helmets.

  • Gloves

After the helmet, these are another important safety gear items. Hands of humans are designed in such a way that it’s a combination of utter necessity and extreme fragility. Even speeding at parking lot can injure your hands in case you don’t wear gloves. Just like other items, the products made specifically for motorcycling by brands should be considered.


Safety should be your topmost priority, so you should never compromise with it.

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