Photog Dad

Gift Ideas for the Photog Dad

If your dad is into photography, then there are a lot of gifts he would enjoy. The thing is, there are so many it’s hard to narrow it down, so here are five broad ideas to help you reach a decision:

–One. A digital camera. If he’s still using the 35 mm disposables, there is nothing wrong with that, and he would probably not ever throw it out since he’s so used to using it, but, nostalgia aside, he would probably prefer a camera that takes sharper, more vibrant pictures, and this is where the digital camera comes in. If he’s new to digital cameras, then go for something simple at first, just so he can more easily familiarize himself with how they work.

–Two. A gift certificate to a photography workshop. Your dad can take his new digital camera to a local workshop and learn how to take amazing pictures. Whether he wants to pursue photography as a hobby or as a profession, a workshop will teach him all the tips and tricks.

–Three. A digital photo album. If he has favorite photos already, or wants to take new ones with his new camera, a digital photo album is the perfect way to display them. No longer do people have just one way to store and show off pictures.

–Four. A coffee table book. These photography books contain some breathtaking photographs, whether the topic be animals, nature, people, urban life, travel, etc. It’s sure to be an inspiration to your dad’s own photographic pursuits.

–Five. A gift basket of accessories. If your dad is not a beginner but needs some things to take his photography to the next level, then this is the perfect gift idea for your dad. In the basket you can put a digital camera, new lenses, tripod, carrying case, adapter, batteries, photo albums, a how-to book, a gift card, etc. A related gift idea is to take his most prized photograph and blow it up to movie poster size, then frame it and mount it on one of his walls where everyone can see it.

–Six. A drone camera. This may be the ultimate gift this year. If money is not a factor, your dad will have tons of fun piloting the drone to capture unique landscapes and angles. You may be unfamiliar with aerial photography, but once you read a few product and review sites to see just how special this kind of photography can be, price will beĀ hardly anything to consider.

As you can see, there are a lot of photography gifts to choose from. But don’t sweat it. Just pick something that you think he will enjoy, and, as an added bonus, the two of you can plan a photography trip together, take your cameras, and have a memorable day taking beautiful shots.

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