Health Benefits of Inversion Tables Explained

Did you know that inversion tables are a great solution for people with back pain? Yeah, I think you knew that already but there’s a whole list of other benefits that you might not have known about.

Spinal Health

By exercising on an inversion table you increase the space between your spinal discs, and as such the pressure gets relieved. Usually, this pressure increases the risk of back pain so that’s one way to deal with it.

More flexibility

Thanks to the movements in the spine due to this therapy you become more flexible, and your body gets stronger. This would make bending and reaching out a lot easier.

Stop surgery

This is especially true for people that have the Lumbar disease, after only six weeks of inversion therapy the need to go under the knife disappeared completely according to a study performed in 2012 by the Disability & Rehabilitation arm of the NCBI.

Rehydrate discs

Thanks to increasing the space between your spine discs it allows your soft tissue to absorb moisture which in turn increases the nutrients that your body needs. This very same fluid is usually squeezed out when you’re sitting, standing, or in other words not moving much at all, imagine if you work in the office all day. You’d definitely deal with that.

Realign your spine

There’s a reason everything has become ergonomic, a wrong sitting position leads to unhealthy complications. Inversion therapy solves that by realigning your spine.

Ease stress

You might not know this but stress can result in muscle spasms in different parts of the body, and it can even result in headache/migraine. X-rays often don’t reveal where this pain is located or the nature of it. However, it has been proved that by using an inversion table all those symptoms get relieved thanks to the relaxation of being upside down.

I’m not sure about you but when I’m upside down I feel all the blood running to my head and that might even cause me a headache though I have to admit I don’t make it a habit or something ;)

Core strength

What’s vital for your body are your lower back muscles as they support your torso. There are multiple ways to accomplish that though. For example by doing something as simple as sit-ups. However, a sit-up is much more effective when you do it on an inversion table so that’s definitely some food for thought.

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