How To Add Friends and Contacts in Facebook Messenger

The system works by pairing phone numbers with Facebook Messenger accounts, meaning users can contact each other through the service despite not being associated on Facebook. it should be noted that while phone numbers are used to locate users, no text messages are sent. All correspondence moves through Facebook’s servers.

Users can add contacts more easily with the new feature, which automatically finds a friend’s Messenger information with just a phone number.

With the new phone number-based user search capability, contact by phone or messenger, Facebook Messenger is treading on iMessage’s turf, though Apple’s service is much more robust, at least for iOS devices.

in addition to phone number searches, the latest Facebook app includes new in-app sounds and refreshed Ui assets, like icons that appear next to friends’ names when they are online.

How to Add Friends and Contacts in Facebook Messenger

Messenger allows you to contact all of your Facebook friends on the go, and you can also chat with other Messenger users that don’t use Facebook. There are several ways you can add people to your Messenger contacts list. You can sync the contacts on your mobile device, add phone numbers, use special Messenger Scan Codes, or add people on Facebook

Adding Contacts from Your Phone

Open the People tab in the Messenger app. When you sync your device’s contacts list, Messenger will check all of your contacts for Messenger accounts, as well as check if new contacts that you add use Messenger

Tap “Sync Contacts.” if you’re a iOS device, tap “Find Phone Contacts” first.

Allow Messenger to access your contacts. You’ll likely need to approve this access when you do this for the first time.

• in iOS, the Settings app will open and you’ll need to toggle “Contacts” on.

View the contacts that were added. if Messenger found any contacts during the sync process, you can tap “View” to see them. You don’t need to do anything,l as they are added automatically.

Adding by Phone Number

Open the People tab in Messenger. You can enter a phone number and Messenger will search for a profile that matches. This will only work if that person is using Messenger with that phone number.

• The icon for the People tab looks like a list with three lines.

Tap the “+” button and select “Add Contact” (Android) or “Enter Phone Number” (iOS). This will open the phone number search.

Type the phone number of the person you want to add. Type in the phone number for the person you want to search for.

Tap “Add” or “Save” to search Messenger for the number. if the person can be found, you’ll be able to add them to your contacts list.

Tap “invite to Messenger” if the person isnot using Messenger. if the number doesn’t return any results, you can send that person a Messenger invite. They’ll receive the invite via SMS with a link to download the app and get started.

Using Messenger Scan Codes

Find the code you want to scan. Messenger users and businesses can create codes that can be scanned by the Messenger app, much like a barcode. Messenger Scan Codes are circular with dots, dashes, and circles surrounding the user’s profile picture.

• You can see your own Scan Code on the Profile screen in Messenger.

Adding Friends on Facebook

Log into Messenger with your Facebook account. Messenger allows you to send Facebook messages to anyone on your Facebook friends list, even if they aren’t using Messenger. The messages you send will appear as standard Facebook messages for people not using Messenger.

Search for new friends on Facebook. Facebook offers much more advanced search functions than the Messenger app. Every friend that you add in Facebook can be contacted through Messenger.

• You can search Facebook based on location, shared interests, and more. See Find People on Facebook for tips on finding people through Facebook’s search features.

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