Importance Of Using A Welding Helmet

Welding is an important part of a manufacturing unit. There are many fields where welding work is must such as automobile field, any construction field etc. Welding may seem to be a very easy process where the two metals are joined together with the help of pressure and heating. Although, it may look easy but in reality it can prove to be very harmful for the health if preventive measures are not taken.

It doesn’t matter whether you are experienced welder or you are a beginner, proper equipments along with safety measures should be taken. There are a lot of safety equipments that are used in the work of welding. These equipments include scarf, goggles, helmet and more. However, all these equipments are necessary but welding helmet has more importance than rest. If you are looking for a best quality welding helmets and other accessories then you can purchase it from Welding Wolf, you can also get more detail about the various equipments here.

Why welding helmet is important?

Welding at first greatly affects the eye, if the proper and regularly welding helmet is not used. There are many dangers such as infrared radiation will be emitted while welding and it can easily cause cataract and retinal burning to eyes if welding helmet is not used properly. UV radiation is also emitted through welding that can cause burning in the eye. This not only affects the eye immediately but shows its symptoms after sometime which cause discomfort to the eye, temporary blinding to the eye and also swelling.

These welding helmets provide a great protection from UV radiation, infrared radiation and spark that is emerged from the welding. These welding helmets almost work as a shield for eyes when you do a welding work.

Types of welding helmets

There are two types of welding helmets that are available for you. First is auto darkening and second is regular lens. Both the helmets are considered as best for the welding work but you can choose according to your comfort and preference.

Auto darkening – this helmet is very easy to use because the welder does not need to arrange the helmet whenever they hit the arc or to check the weld. Sensors of this helmet immediately detect the lit arc and automatically change the lens shade as per requirement.

Regular lens – this helmet comes with IR and UV protection coated glass. This is the basic helmet that can do its work quite effectively.

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