Men's Suit Buying Guide

Men’s Suit Buying Guide

Buying a suit is often considered a rite of passage for most men. Whether it’s for your first job interview or your big wedding day, there is always a very good reason behind your first suit purchase. That’s why it’s essential to get it right the very first time. However, for first-time buyers who have no idea where to start, it can be quite overwhelming. Even so, by taking into account a few basics and taking some time to research, you can quickly get the perfect fit for you. Nevertheless, whether you are buying your first suit or adding to your collection, this guide will help you tick all the boxes right.

Know why you are buying the suit

Suits are worn for many different occasions and events. If you are buying the suit for a social event, there is a good reason you shouldn’t turn up looking like you are about to chair an executive business meeting or in a burial. Therefore, take time to research from sites such as and if need be, ask for professional assistance in picking the right suit for the right event.

Four Season Suit

Taking into account the need, color, and design, you should consider buying a four-season suit for the first time. A piece of fabric that would serve you well in both the cold and warm seasons is an ideal choice. For instance, decently weighted wool will not make you sweat during summer, but also won’t leave you freezing during winter.

Fit the Jacket

If the shoulders don’t fit after trying on the jacket, or if the shoulder pads are left hanging off, put the suit back immediately and move on. The only parts of the suit that cannot be altered by a tailor are the shoulders; thus, they should be fitting. Also, ensure that when you are at rest, the sleeve grazes where your wrist meets the base of your thumb.


The color should be one of the top considerations you need to make before buying your first suit. Avoid color black, which is too formal for certain settings. Also, avoid earth tones, which again tend to be too informal. Choose a color that you can be comfortable wearing anywhere such as grey, dark charcoals, or navy.


The suit you wear irrespective of the occasion can make or break your style credentials. Depending on what you wear, you may look a few extra pounds or look taller. Therefore, buying a suit is a substantial investment that calls for a lot of considerations. Get it right, and you’ll be ready to conquer the world.

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