Most Common Reasons for Breaking Bits and How to Tackle Them

Imagine a situation when you are halfway through your drilling process and the drilling bit breaks down. Nothing can be more frustrating than going again and again to the store to buy that bit. You should be careful while working because there are certain mistakes on your part that leads to breakage of the drill bit. Here we highlight all such reasons and remedies for the same. We recommend you read these before buying the bit.

Wrong Mounting

The CNC on which the drill is mounted should be stable, so as to cut in uniform motion. If the CNC is unstable or the drill is not mounted properly, it leads to non-uniform pressure on the drill bit. This might just chip off a portion of the bit, which faces maximum pressure. You should be very careful while mounting the drill.

Wrong combination of feed and speed

Feed is the rate at which you feed the bit or press the bit. Speed is the rate at which it cuts the workpiece. The wrong combination of feed and speed can also damage the drill bit. A slow feed drill would not cut into the surface of the metal and instead only cause friction. This will lead to damaging of the drill bit. A greater cutting speed does the same to the bit. Remember to press a little hard and going slow with the drill.

Using cheap drill bits

Solid working bits are generally made up of titanium Nitrides. The tip should specially made up of (TiN) Titanium nitride and can be differentiated by its color. A normal bit would be of silver color whereas the titanium drill bit would be of gold color. The bit is expensive, but it lasts longer and cuts more efficiently. The cheaper the drill bit the poorer the quality of its make. Hence, cheaper drill bits tend to last for a very less time.

Wrong combination of bit and the workpiece

Bits designed for cutting through soft workpieces should be used only on the soft workpieces. Using them on a hard surface will eventually break the bit. Similarly, the bit used for hard surfaces should be used for hard surfaces only.

If you follow these steps, it will not only improve the life of your drill bit but also decrease the breakdowns. Hence, it saves you time and money and hassles of going to buy the bit again and again.

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