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The Sanctuary

SHARANYA/The Maa Batakali Cultural Mission, Inc., is a Federally-recognized Devi Mandir (Goddess Temple), nestled near the ocean in vibrant San Francisco. Our sanctuary is our temple, regularly used for active worship (puja), community building, rites of passage work, life-event ceremonies, healing circles, lectures and classes. We also offer initiation and ordination to interested seekers as well as a regular wheel-of-the-year calendar of services. Other community services include spiritual counseling, divination (tarot), and energy work. Take a look at our offerings, and join us in expanding the work of spirit in the world!

The SHARANYA community is proud of our temple space, and yet we are growing into a community that yearns for a private space large enough to accommodate us. To that end, we have launched a fundraising campaign in order to create a public Goddess temple in San Francisco that will celebrate Her in all Her guises, and especially in Her most powerful forms. It will be a space open to public and private use by and for the community, and will be a center for interfaith dialogue that includes the Goddess community. All donations to the effort are tax-deductible. For more information, see our fundraising information.

The sanctuary

To attend our regular services,
or to find out more about
personal ritual and counseling services, please call:

    (415) 505-6840**

or email:


Please see our calendar for current and future events as well as location information. We look forward to seeing you in circle soon! Click here for temple etiquette information in preparation for your visit to our temple's next Kali Puja.

If you are interested in more in-depth study, including apprenticeship training, initiation into the Sha'can tradition, and ordination as a Rashani (Priestess) in our temple, please see our tradition pages.

For more information on services provided by our Rashani (ordained temple priestesses), please see our page of community services.

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