Jai Maa Batakali...

She for whom we are named is a goddess of the crossroads, leading seekers on the path between the worlds of the seen and unseen realms.
Maa Batakali is She who manifests the Great Mystery of Creation, She who leads us on the Path.

From the home to the temple to the cremation grounds, She is with you, holding your pain and sorrow, joy and elation.
Illuminator of Paradox, She is Great Goddess, Devourer of Time, Beginning and Ending, now and always.

Yaireva patanam
dravyaih siddhih taireva!
That By Which One Falls
is Also That By Which One Rises

It is a credo by which to honor the cycles of life:
Life, Death & Rebirth

Maa contains all - sarvam sarvaatmakam
For everything is the essence of everything else.

She is the Dark One; She with the power over Life, Death and Rebirth.

I am the Churner of the Ocean of Milk; I penetrate the Three Worlds.
I am the Cosmic Void; I devour the Three Worlds.
Together, we are: Creatrix, Mother, One.

Jai Maa!

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