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Weddings - Handfastings - Rites of Passage
Births - Coming of Age - Croning - Funerals

An important part of life is the affirmation of rites of passage, as well as the acknowledgements of personal accomplishments on your personal path. Honoring these moments with rites of passage ceremonies and life circle ceremonies makes these experiences positive, memorable and shared with your own joyful community.

Our Rashani are highly trained and legally ordained clergy, who can perform wedding ceremonies, funerals, blessingways (birth blessings), menarche and croning rituals, and other life event ceremonies. We are happy to perform ceremonies on your behalf, and can travel to your event outside of the San Francisco Bay Area for an additional fee.

In addition, we are happy to help you develop your own unique ceremonies, and to give you advice and ideas you can use to create your own event, especially if you are looking for authentic, traditional rituals. As trained scholars and experienced ritualists, we are able to research aspects of ceremony that aligns with your own spiritual motivations and concerns.

If you are in need of personal, spiritual guidance, we can help you, as well. We offer pastoral counseling services in our tradition (as spiritual guidance; not as licensed counselors), divination, and life path counseling.

Our honorarium fee for officiant services is typically $150 per event, and $65 per hour for consultation, and sliding scale is available. If you have a more detailed inquiry, or need a specific quote, please contact us.

For more information, or to arrange a life event ceremony for yourself or a loved one, please email us at info@sharanya.org, or call us at (415) 505-6840.

We welcome all inquiries, including:

{ Weddings (ALL welcomed!) / Handfasting / Commitment

{ Renewal of Vows

{ Birth Rituals / Wiccaning / Blessingways

{ Coming of Age / Puberty Rites / Menarche Rituals

{ Croning / Menopause Rituals

{ Crossing Over / Burial Rites / Funerals (including Homa)

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