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Sha'can: The Tradition

With roots deep in ancient consciousness, and a lineage of worship that has lived for millennia in the hearts of humanity, we at SHARANYA honor Goddess, She who facilitates our fullest spiritual journey by taking us to the root of our yearning. Ours is truly the path of the bhakta (devotee) of the Divine, who treasures the temple of this world as vehicle for spiritual healing and ultimate bliss. Sha'can brings together authentic ancient traditions manifest in both East and West, sanctifying embodied spirituality and bringing it to life today. We believe an integral approach to spirituality will best help us to achieve our mission and vision.

Sha'can is a tradition based on the tenets of the Craft (commonly referred to as Wicca) and the Shakta path (Goddess-worshipping path of Hindu Tantra). Because we weave together the path of the Shakta and the Witch, we call the tradition Sha'can. This groundbreaking tradition deeply honors its lineages in the East and West, and embraces old and new wisdom. To see more on Shakta Tantra and its emergence in the West, as well as the relevance of Sha'can, click here.

We at SHARANYA are dedicated to promoting a vision of the world as global community, wherein all individuals exist as part of the divine matrix, each person necessary for the fulfillment of some viable goal.

We share our work with you and hope that regardless of your personal spiritual path, you will join us in our efforts to celebrate life, create peace and to bridge the worlds of East and West.

The way into the Sha'can tradition is participation in our monthly pujas (click here for our calendar), or through our Daughters of Kali program, which accepts new members each summer. To learn more about the Daughters of Kali program, visit our Daughters of Kali page.

We are also currently working on a book and distance learning program to enable those outside the San Francisco Bay Area to join the Sha'can path in an authentic and guided way. We look forward to welcoming you to our community soon!

All are welcome to attend monthly pujas and join us in celebration of the divine Mother, Goddess Kali. Listen to what some of the puja celebration sounds like and join us in chanting "Jai Maa!":

Certainly, whether you live inside or outside the Bay Area, you are also welcome to join us on one of our sacred journeys. Each year, we take groups of spiritual seekers to India and France, to discover the mysteries of the Dark Goddess. Each is an incredible opportunity to delve deeper into your spiritual path, expand your horizons, learn first-hand about living Goddess traditions, and experience real history and culture with an experienced, personal guide. For more information on our pilgrimages, see our schedule of pilgrimages.


I. Sa'ham (She I am):
I am the Goddess manifest; I recognize Her in all of Creation.

II. I remember all that is, was and ever will be.
Live the present moment, honor the ancestors, respect the future generations; time is not linear, but travels in a sacred spiral that spans all of existence.

III. I provoke, invoke and live the Divine Will.
Commit to transforming yourself, your community and the planet by doing the work of spirituality; make your practice that of the awakened mystic in our time.

Evam Astu!
So mote it be!


The Sha'can tradition offers many opportunities for the neophyte as well as the initiate on the path to practice, worship, learn, deepen, and cultivate spiritual leadership whether or not one chooses to pursue ordination.

Initiation is possible for those who wish to delve deeper upon completing a year-and-a-day with Daughters of Kali. If, after initiation, the tradition truly speaks to you, further study in one of our ongoing circles of initiates and the journey toward ordination, should that call to you, are available to the committed seeker.

Ordination with SHARANYA requires a minimum commitment of three years, after which point you may become a Rashani, an ordained Minister dedicated to the Goddess. Visit our ordination information to find out more detailed information and requirements for each level of engagement.

At SHARANYA, those seeking an understanding of and way into Sha'can begin with Daughters of Kali. Initiates in the tradition are then able to work in two main chakras or spiritual circles: Yogini Chakra, and Matrika Chakra. Again, you may visit this page to find out more detailed information and requirements for each level of engagement. An overview of Daughters of Kali and the initiate circles follows:

Daughters of Kali
Objective: To develop personal practice within Sha'can and deepen worship of the Dark Goddess; to gain basic techniques and understandings through learning of cosmology, practice, language, and ritual in the tradition that help guide spiritual development.

Some of what you will learn:

  • The history and foundation of Sha'can
  • Cosmology and cosmogony of the tradition
  • Principles of Tantra and Shakta Tantra
  • History and context for worship of Kali and other Hindu goddesses
  • Mantras to ground material and work with deities
  • Foundations of ritual work (purification, invocations, etc.)
  • Components of the Kali Puja - I
  • Foundations of individual practice (grounding and centering, spell work, divination, energy work, creating sacred space, meditation, etc.)

Examples of some Tantrick techniques, concepts, and practices taught:

  • Pranayama
  • Akshara nyasa
  • Japa
  • Mudra
  • Chakras
  • Koshas

Yogini Chakra
Objective: Deepened personal practice and greater breadth of spiritual technologies in pursuit of personal spiritual goals.

Some of what you will learn (in addition to deepening work with material presented in DoK):

  • Mantras appropriate to this level of practice
  • Integration of western and eastern ritual techniques
  • Components of Kali Puja - II
  • Yantras - I (creation, worship as deity, protection)
  • Introduction to panchatattva chakra puja
  • Kundalini yoga practices
  • Advanced pranayama

Examples of some Tantrick techniques, concepts, and practices taught:

  • Prana pratishtha
  • Kara nyasa and other nyasa practices
  • Introduction to yoga nidra

NOTE: Initiates may remain in Yogini Chakra for as long as they wish. Initiates are considered elders in community once they have participated in Yogini Chakra for two years.

Matrika Chakra
Objective: Engagement of spirituality in the larger community/world. Learning and mastery of more intricate spiritual technologies for realization of S/self, facilitation of relationships, personal growth, and deepened connection with the Divine.

What you will learn (in addition to deepening work and teaching of material offered in Yogini):

  • Increased engagement with the Sacred Male / Divine Masculine
  • Mantras appropriate to this level of practice
  • Sanskrit (for those wishing to do so)
  • Advanced yoga nidra
  • Deepened practice incorporating Tantrick ritual techniques and some of the more shamanic practices of the tradition (this means working toward deeper understandings of the divine through: i) structured and guided meditations that promote individual awakening; and ii) practical techniques for navigating spiritual territory when in altered states of consciousness induced through breathwork, chanting, and other methods)

Examples of some Tantrick techniques, concepts, and practices taught:

  • Bahya matrika nyasa
  • Matrika nyasa
  • Anga puja
  • Pitha nyasa
  • Yantra - II (spell work, siddhis, talismans)
  • Yajna and homa rites

Please contact us for more information.

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