Signs you Were Born to be an Actor

The film industry is huge…like really huge. Figures indicate that the average worldwide box-office revenue is well over $50 billion per year. With much money to be made, it is not surprising that Hollywood’s allure is at an all-time high. But, the question remains, is acting for everyone? Bette yet, how can you tell that you were meant to be an actor? Well, be on the lookout for these signs.

You Don’t Miss a Chance to Get into Character

Yes, you’re always acting. In fact, you think about acting almost all the time. And, you’re never afraid to show your skills. To you, every moment in front of a camera is an acting moment- even when taking photos. In other words, acting is inborn and to you, it comes out naturally.

You’re Eager to Connect with Other Characters

Birds of a feather flock together, so they say. As a born actor you always have the desire to interact with other characters. You can identify with their actions and behaviors and want to be part of it. Once in a while, you suggest some acting related topics and your fellow characters don’t mind exploring them with you.

You Can Connect with the Crowds

Ask any established actor and they’ll tell you that pleasing your audience is one of the hardest things to do. Why do you think Will Smith was at some point hailed as the most bankable actor in Hollywood? It is because the audience loves him, so when the features in a movie, there’s every chance it’s going to become a Box-office smash.

Sure, you can argue that big entertainment companies have the budget to market a movie, but the star in that particular film has to be “sellable.” Even then, you don’t have to feature in big movies to break into the film industry. There are many startup producers and directors with enough resources to help create budget movies which you can use as a stepping stone to something bigger.

In Conclusion

Not everyone was born to be an actor. You can hone your skills over time but the best actors are born not made. The thing is, you should have fun acting, irrespective of the role or character. It is for this reason that you’ll always hear movie directors say “just go out there and have some fun.” Now, if you can enjoy acting sessions, maybe you were not meant to be an actor at all.

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