Smart Glass Option For Your Conservatories

Usually conservatories get too hot in summers and chilly in winters. In order to deal with this problem, people now use glasses that provide the optimum environment conditions inside the conservatories. One such glass option that is widely used is planitherm. It provides a comfortable environment all round the year. It reflects the unwanted heat from outside. The glass is made up of a high quality planilux float glass. It is manufactured on a magnetron coater. It is assembled into a double glazed unit and should be placed in a dry and well ventilated location. For more information you can refer to

Position of coating

The planitherm 4S coating is done on face 2 of a double glazed unit and on face 3 when it is combined with roof range.

Key features of planitherm

The planitherm glass is categorized into two types, Monolithic glass and Laminated safety glass. The glass offers thermal insulation, solar protection, energy efficiency, neutral appearance and eeduced bills.

Keeps Cool in summers and warm in winters

Planitherm is combined with the solar control roof glass product to give high performance conservatory and thermal efficiency. It keeps you cooler in summer. The glass wall keep you warm in winters and increase the energy efficiency by retaining more heat in the room.


The planitherm ranges of products are:

  1. Planitherm total +: It is suitable for the north facing elevations to capture the maximum sun heat.
  2. Planitherm one: it is suitable for south facing elevations.
  3. Planitherm ultran: It is suitable for commercial buildings.

Appearance in reflection

It can have a slightly different appearance if it is viewed in reflection. It is an inherent property and depends on some factors like distance and angle of incidence. It is designed for use in double glazing applications.

Performance levels

When a range of products are added to the planitherm glass, they offer varied performances in different levels.

  1. Level 1: It gives year round comfort.
  2. Level 2: It also gives year round comfort with one other benefit of your choice such as enhanced solar control.
  3. Level 3: It gives year round comfort with two other benefits such as self cleaning glass and sound insulation.
  4. Level 4: It provides top range multi functional glazing for conservatory solution.
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