Tips to Properly Clean a Claw-Foot Bathtub

Just as purchasing and installing bathtubs is expensive and require one’s attention, maintaining them is not a walk-over race too. It requires one’s commitment and time to maintain the tub in order to improve its condition. Normally, when a customer purchases a tub, it comes with a manual that directs him on how to take care of it. It also contains some important bathing guides. A bathing guide is just to remind and direct the user on how to handle him or herself while in the tub.

All the same, learning about how to clean a claw-foot bathtub is very essential. This type of tub adds a lasting beauty and elegance to a bathroom. Therefore, the steps bellow will guide the user on how to take care of a claw-foot bathtub in terms of cleanliness.

Step one – preparation   

Concerning preparation, start by removing rugs near the tub. The same way, soap dishes, shampoo cans, wash clothes and other items that have no use in the tub should be removed. Such rugs bring out a bad look to the tub. In addition, to protect the floor lay some plastic sheets.

Step two – clean the inside

Pour one cup of liquid leach into the tub and then fill it with warm water. Allow it to rest for about 30 minutes to lift up dirt and soap scums. Drain the tub. Thereafter, inspect for some visible stains that weren’t removed during this process. For such stains, put on rubber gloves, prepare a paste of bleach powder and water then apply to the particular areas that need extra cleaning. Allow the mixture to rest on the spots for about 15 minute thereafter, wipe it with a dump sponge.

If there is no change, repeat the process until they are completely removed. After finishing with the inside part of the tub, start addressing the outside part.

Step three – clean the outside

When cleaning the outside of a claw-foot bathtub, start from the top going downwards. This is because, starting from the bottom is not recommended because dirty water will down the bottom part when cleaning the top, thus dirtying already cleaned part. Go around the clip of the tub using the sponge and powdered bleach. While doing so, take note of spots caused by soaps or shampoo.

Rinse and remove the bleach powder grit. Using a sponge, clean the outside of the tub properly. However, if there are some stubborn stains, it is advisable to use bleach powder just as in cleaning the inside.

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