When Should You Bring Down Your Christmas Tree?

The joy of welcoming the Christmas season is irresistible. It is evident in the preparations, which include the purchase of new Christmas trees for every household. However, the saddest moment comes when the season is over and you are about to cut down your Christmas tree. Some people do it on December 26; however, when is the right time to bring down your Christmas tree?

Christmas is such a dynamic season that it should not come to an early end. That is why you should know the best time to bring down your Christmas decorations, including the tree. In most cases, it has to do with the individual—how you and your family plan to celebrate the season.

From a religious perspective, the Catholics waited until January 7 before they brought down their Christmas trees. That would be the day after Epiphany. The Catholics observed what they call Twelve Days of Christmas, which began on December 25. The period before that was meant for preparation, known as the Advent.

Presently, not many people keep their Christmas trees until Epiphany. The simple reason is that many people have forgotten the meaning of Christmas. To some extent, businesses contribute to this practice by encouraging Christmas shoppers to buy early and often. This eventually displaces the actual Christmas season. In fact, some people start displaying the tree as early as during Thanksgiving weekend. By the time the actual time for Christmas comes, the tree is past its time.

When the needles begin to turn brown and drop, the branches begin to dry out, the owner gets fed up with the site and the next move is to bring it down. At worst, a tree in that condition is a potential fire hazard. This is common with natural Christmas trees. However, when you go the artificial route, you can simply find a safe place within your home and keep the tree for the next season. Time flies, and before you know it it’s December again.

Celebrating Advent and Christmas

In order to break the practice of cutting down the tree immediately after December 25, people need a Christmas tree that could stay fresh for longer. This is where artificial Christmas trees come into play. Besides, if people could revive the practice of keeping the Christmas tree until Epiphany, then they would not bring down the Christmas tree so early. People need to draw the difference between the Advent period and the actual Christmas season. When that happens, people would begin to celebrate Christmas to its fullest.

All the same, to solve all the issues connected to Christmas tree, it is advisable to get an artificial model. Artificial Christmas tree is durable can stay from season to season with good management.

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